Low-Fat Chicken Recipes October 12 2017, 0 Comments

These low-fat chicken recipes we found are great for spicing up your clean eating. One of the best things about cooking with chicken is that you can make it taste any way you want and still end up with a low fat meal. You can cook chicken in a huge number of ways whether that be as grilled chicken, fried chicken or roast chicken, so long as you start with good quality meat then you can make really tasty and nutritious meals.

No one wants clean eating to be boring but when you’re limited for time, it’s easy to end up cooking the same meals every night - or worse, reaching for the ready meals. To help combat this, we thought we’d give you a hand by collating some of the best low-fat chicken recipes on the net to give you a little food inspiration to make tasty,  low fat but ultimately healthy, meals.

Bring an end to dry tasteless chicken!


Quick and easy harissa chicken with chickpea salad - a low-fat, fibre filled dish.


A zingy lemon chicken stir fry that can be adapted to include brown rice or noodles.


Another marinade to add to your repertoire - a sure fire winner!


KFC without the guilt - using cornflakes to get the crunch, this is a tasty alternative.


An asian inspired salad dish that will silence the salad-haters everywhere.


A dish that will impress without any hassle on your part.

Please let us know in the comments section if you have any other low-fat chicken recipes that are worth sharing!